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The World Clock Meeting Planner is used to find a suitable time to have a telephone conversation, web cast or meeting with participants in many time zones

RNC Breaks Silence On Support For Roy Moore; CNN Exclusive: Undisclosed Emails Show Follow-Up After Trump Jr. Meeting With Russians At Trump Tower; Ethics Committee Investigating Rep. Farenthold Over Sexual Harassment Allegations; Powerful Winds Fuel California Fires

If U want success, find someone who has achieved the results U want do what they do: You"ll achieve the same results. tonyrobbins

Bernie Sanders, every time I read your tweets I feel reassured by your progressive comments. At a time when our government seems to be more focused on their own interests, it’s nice to hear about someone who really cares about the people. Keep being you, Bernie!

Someone take the mic away from this guy

WASHINGTON — Looking to reduce the stress of the holiday season? Visit the world’s largest Post Office:, the mobile version of

Please tell me someone has a screen grab of that flip off.


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You ever had hard feelings for someone and know they don’t feel the same

Trump Jr won t reveal talks with father about Trump tower meeting; Rep. Speier on Trump Jr s refusal to discuss conversation with his father: "he has a serious case of amnesia"; Franken s office: "no decision" made on resignation; Whistleblower: Flynn suggested Russian sanctions would end; Franken to make announcement tomorrow, says no final decision has been made on resignation; As GOP backs Moore, his opponent courts black voters; Senior White House officials: Jerusalem decision derailed peace process; Caught on tape: Trump s sniffles are back

Haha awesome! I was hoping someone would be able to grab it. Cheers! Not tryna shame the dude tho he"s alright. I guess he just realised his own cognitive dissonance and deleted it then oh well

You stir the pot enough, you end up with these rabid grimmlins we have right now. Lost not a direction in sight. Someone please find where it is that black people haven"t been impacted by slavery. From education, to finance, housing, and now it"s health and safety

Someone come record me doing the chicken head in this snow