Topics: A Way with Words — language, linguistics, and callers from.  @MHNGillianSlade The new air ambulance contract takes effect April 1 but facilities in Medicine Hat may not be fully ready by then. CanWest Air is moving quickly with a new building at Medicine Hat Airport. CEO Jake Fehr says the structure is expected to be in place within a couple weeks, which will @MHNprevell A 47-year-old woman charged following what police say is the largest meth bust in city history is back in custody facing five new counts of trafficking a controlled substance. The new charges were laid last week against Shonna Scriven, and stem back to an investigation between Dec. 2-5, said Staff Sgt. Cory Both. Read More

Charges have been laid in the murder of 64-year-old James Satre, whose body was found near his Mill Street home on the morning of Oct. 11. Robert S. Hoefman, 55, has been charged with first-degree murder. The homicide and a related extortion case left many questions for police and the community at large. Police began. Read More

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More than 13,000 tourists are stranded in the alpine resort of Zermatt, after heavy snow cut off towns and villages across Switzerland, France and Italy.

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It’s really really hard to hold on the the idea that it’s being sick and not weak. You know those FB posts hat ask you what super power you would like to have? I would like to not have anxiety. I can’t even imagine how free light my life would be then

Hadeel goes to school in an area of London where the air quality is worse than the World Health Organisation says it should be. She's asking London's Mayor to help change this.