Topics: I have a question how can you compare a fighter that has been beaten 3 times to a fighter who has never lost?

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I may be happy outside, but I face problems, sadness and stress on the inside.

Facebookk a place where people announce their problems to the world buu not to the person they have a problem with.

These are the struggles/ problems life dealt. Don"t dumb it down because it could be worse. You never know how a person is dealing.

All your problems I know say the solution na ego

Sorry that addressing the international problems that come with the job are an inconvenience. Others worked to keep us safe today too.

He put a spotlight on this and caused all the problems. They have a right to defend themselves. U troupers are literally insane

All of our street problems in one place. Crime rate must be low on the streets right now.

So, the psychiatrist consults You with his confidential patient problems? You should have become priest?