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If its a happy marriage, its not painful. If its not a happy marriage, its extremely painful.

These facts are not commenting on/addressing Louis C.K."s case. They"re a direct response to the tweet insinuating a connection between sexual assault accusations and a person remembering why sex was traditionally enshrined in marriage.

When people are dating your man, knowing that he is married. Best believe he will always cheat on you. Don"t waste your energy by confronting them, just enjoy your marriage accept that you not alone

Actually. Curious to know. Did you ever have a class at school about marriage? Not sex education, but a “what is Marriage?” class.

Oh ok. I hope nothing but the best for your marriage. Ppl stereotype african men, hopefully he’s doing right and not like the others.

I"m all for gambling Revenue legalizing marijuana as well as gay marriage believe it or not legalizing prostitution, however there are States that have the same laws. Please don"t single out Alabama. Because you I think these things should be legal doesn"t mean it"s correct

Oh, this is a single vs. dating ? not a marriage? Well, Who wouldn"t want a companion? This day/age, all need2 date till is found

speed dating leeds students

The same sex marriage survey that I completed asked if the law should be changed to allow same sex couples to marry, it did not ask if I agreed we should remove protections under anti discrimination laws. Stick to what was asked

Not that sad, fuck marriage

More people should worry about the MARRIAGE! Not the DAM WEDDING!