Topics: Scorpio Compatibility: The Leo and Scorpio Love Match.

The Leo and Scorpio love match is a riveting one since both are self-centered power players who will be attracted to each other’s majestic, fixed presence.

I did it again. Set my feelings up for failure. Now I feel like a fool. Why do I do this to myself? I asked for confirmation and got it. Time to let go and move on. Dating sucks

As far as dating I only ever dated Cancers and a Scorpio so yeah idk lol

- There is no half way house when it comes to dating a Scorpio woman.

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Omg I’m dating a Scorpio don’t say that

I’ve been dating a Scorpio for 6 years, and it’s really cool and all, but that temper though.

A Scorpio female dating a male Gemini lmfaoooooooo

The one in my work is ferociously bad. No tinsel, cos it’s a fire hazard apparently. A set of lights for a small tree, stretched across a sparsely branched behemoth. A handful of baubles, dating from some time in the 70s, with glue suggesting they once were covered in glitter.

Dating another Scorpio is the best. Because i know that they are going to love hard and stick around