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Internet dating is booming. According to Statista , the online dating industry sees revenue of almost $1.935 billion a year, while 50 million Americans have now tried it. The American National Academy of Sciences reported in 2013 that over a third of people who married in the US between 2005 and 2012 met their partner online, half of them on dating sites. What was once seen as the preserve of the sad and desperate is now essential to the continuation of the species.

People use internet dating for a variety of reasons, with the many apps and sites all offering different things. For some, such as Tinder, it is largely based on appearance and therefore expected to have more short term results. Others, such as eHarmony, go deeper, with users required to complete lengthy questionnaires designed to identify a long term match.

Finding a relationship that sticks is not easy. Long term relationships are hard, and many fail. According to data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the probability of a first marriage lasting at least a decade was 68% for women and 70% for men between 2006 and 2010, while the probability that they would make it 20 years was 52% for women and 56% for men.

On reflection, the study is lame. The researchers trained and tested their deep-learning neural net on photos from *dating* sites.

What kind of people are you dating? Are you ever learning from past relationships so you don"t end up with the same shit in a new person?

Whatever I"m learning in this business class about market share etc. Is applicable to dating life.

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Just a faster rejection. Speed dating for not hiring female engineers. Or old ppl.

After learning about online dating in CMC I made a profile. He didn"t find it as funny as me