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GTA V LiVE - Gunrunning DLC Bemutató🔫 - Duur: 2:22:23.

GTA V LiVE - Gunrunning DLC Bemutató🔫 - Duur: 2:22:23.

So one of the things that came from the "riot" seemed to be an indication there was a new matchmaking algorithm coming. I'm wondering if this has been implemented and if anyone has noticed the changes. Also wondering what the intended goals are of this new algorithm. Since one of the elements that people were upset about was match times I'm guessing that's a major focus area. Are there any others like possibly trying to match teams more evenly? If we had some information in that regard it would be helpful in offering feedback on whether this actually worked.

Well hey, there"s no ranked ARAM in League =P

I'm just kinda over having to adapt to BASIC LEVEL changes all the time. Favorite character was Troll and he became pretty bad.
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League of Legends (рус. Лига Легенд, сокращенно LoL) — видеоигра жанра MOBA (многопользовательская.

GTA V LiVE - Gunrunning DLC Bemutató🔫 - Duur: 2:22:23.

League of Legends ( рус. Лига Легенд , сокращенно LoL ) — видеоигра жанра MOBA (многопользовательская онлайн боевая арена), созданная командой разработчиков Riot Games для Microsoft Windows и Apple Macintosh [2] . Игра была выпущена 27 октября 2009 года. Распространяется по модели Free-to-play. Ежемесячная аудитория игры составляет 100 млн. игроков (сентябрь 2016). [3]

В 2013 году США приравняло профессиональных игроков в League of Legends к профессиональным спортсменам, начав выдавать им так называемые « визы атлетов» категории P-1, которые также получают игроки NBA , NFL , NHL [4] [5] [6] . Подобное признание считается одним из переломных моментов в истории киберспорта [7] .

Amineo.8951 said: People push “meta” stuff too much, one thing that should be done is removing class stacking, it hurts diversity so much, see Overwatch for example, people have enough of fighting 2 McRee every match and it also doesn't make any sense.

Also the level of skill in this game system is laughably bad, I might make a video of my 4 years old nephew playing an Ele or Warrior and see him winning most of the time because of how little effort you need with the “meta”.

Does anyone at DakkaDakka even play it? I'm surprised there isnt a thread about it already. My username is JohnnoM is anyone wants to add me.

fishball.7204 said: OW matchamaking post by their dev might be interesting to you guys:

Players can now sub for bots and vice versa. Bot ranks are now shown in ESC screen. Bots now much better at passing and creating chances. Added new map Desert. Practice servers no longer crashing. And many more

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