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Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic gold medalist, reality show star and transgender activist, is weighing a run for the U.S. Senate representing California.

Tia Mowry's son took a picture of his parents, bringing Mowry a lot of praise for the dress she was wearing: a bold, fresh Ankara-print dress made by Ofuure and inspired by designs from Cameroon.

Vikings will ruin Trubusky tonight. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. He won"t throw at Rhodes so I"ll say Trae will have a pick 6. Skol

Did Corey Graves just say he’d rather do heroin all night?

Last night I was trying to pray but, for the life of me couldn"t say my prayers. But when my wife left I could pray again!

I"m glad I can finally say this it"s officially trubisky time!!!!!

I think it"s safe to say the Luis Severino we are seeing tonight is not the Luis Severino we saw a mere six days ago.

Kylie Jenner Celebrates Jordyn Woods Birthday| Kylie Jenner gifts Jorydn Woods a car for her birthday. What Does Kourtney Have To Say About Kylie's Pregnancy?

Yes, but result is nuanced. Federal criminal law has exploded. But so has state criminal law. Scholarship tends to say growth is parallel.

I like Dean Cain but should have had Corey Feldman on tonight to discuss Weinstein. He"s got a lot to say.

Where is the underground in 2017In the coming weeks, the Guardian is embarking on a survey of the underground in music – asking if it still exists in a world where everything is visible online, and if so, where. Continue reading.

Vice President Mike Pence leaving an NFL game early on Sunday was a costly political “stunt,” according to some Democratic lawmakers.

Did Booker T just say Corey Graves hasn’t been in a wrestling ring?

Bob and Corey please say hello

Happy first Friday of October! In case you didn't get enough of your industry peers at New York Advertising Week, many of you got to rub elbows with one another again this week at the Association of National Advertiser's "Masters of Marketing" conference in Orlando. Speaking of which, check out our daily blog from from the event in case you haven't already. Now, onto the news, which yes includes something about boobies, but you have to wait until the end for that. The sun will come out tomorrow Continue reading at