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This page is a brief introduction to the actors and actresses of Korean movies

I don t get it why is she s underfire on supposed strip video prior to her fame unless people are too stupid just to take down a celebrity which i find it stupid. If she commited a scandal as a celebrity then it will be different story.

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There's a lot of Beautiful Korean Actresses, but for me Kim Tae Hee deserves to be on top of the list because It's obvious she's never had plastic surgery. There is nothing that looks fake in her face.. she's really a natural beauty!

15 Famous Actors In Childhood and NOW! Loading. 10 Actors In MOVIE and Real LIFE! - Duration: 1:35. 152,936 views. 1:35.

In a not so recent interview, Gong Hyo Jin was asked to pick who among the hottest korean leading men known as the Four New Kings, would she wish to be paired with in her future project. Our Queen of Romantic Comedies get to pick from these hotties: 1. LEE MIN HO He rose to […]

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A series of sex videos involving A-class actresses in South Korea have been leaked. The videos were exposed after a high-ranking official’s residence was broken into around June, Chinese media reported. Following the leak, the country’s entertainment industry – known for its ‘casting couch’ practices – will definitely get another hit after the suicide of […]

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[ENG] PREVIEW Suspicious Partner EP 33-34 (수상한 파트너) - Duur: 2:57.

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