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We"re on a lease so somebody would take it over. I suggested to our landlords that they might want to find their own tenant but they didn"t respond to that. You"d think they"d welcome the chance to jack up the rent even more, like $3000 or so. This yard is huge for Temescal.

Take a chance, you never know what might happen

You have to understand you might lose it all, but if you take the chance and invest wisely it might just pay it off.

This is your year. You can make history. I love your path to redemption and you deserve this chance. So take it. And with this team win this Super Bowl. Best wishes.

Now that we"re the best team in the league, how long do u think it will take for us to take the 1 seed?lol just kidding.lets say the top 4 seeds stay the same, which seed do u want the clippers to finish in? I think 6 or 7 is best case scenario and gives us best chance to advance

Yet in some ways we steal the very best these nations have to offer, people who may have the greatest chance to improve their home nation instead they flee leaving the worst off to fend for themselves! Always feel conflicted because we do take their very best!

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Honestly not a terrible move. A team will take a chance ( even if it’s as an UDFA ) , if he has physical tools.

I"ll take a chance at the chili bowl, and pass on the other, thanx. Still just a wish on my list.

Zwei: The Arges Adventure Launch Date Announcement Trailer - Duur: 2:31.

I always enjoy it too because it always feels like he"ll take any chance he can get to do it lol.

I know you don"t get chance to take a break this often

When I get the chance ima take it