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Is taking Juice Plus+ actually worth it or is it a scam? A real, honest review of the juice plus supplement capsules that contain fruit and vegetables.

I ventured into the raw feeding world when Chester was 8. I’d given Chester and Gretel a little raw food here and there and not noticed the differences that a lot of raw feeding devotees claimed they saw. However, once I switched his diet to 100% raw, I did see a change. It gave him […]

Here Just Ask Me Out find out how good it really is

Is taking Juice Plus+ actually worth it or is it a scam? A real, honest review of the juice plus supplement capsules that contain fruit and vegetables.

Is it just me or when you hit snooze on the alarm those mins go by fast asf?

I just saw this on pay per view and I loved it! Not a remake or a sequel but a refreshingly good movie. The characters were well matched and this movie kept you guessing and still does about the future of the horsemen. 5 stars all the way!!!

I hate, hate hate it when I"m sitting at a table by myself and guys think they can just sit there with me. Like excuse me I like being alone

Just wanted to post my gratitude and my feeling of this New Minelab repair center I had a excailbur that the warranty on the repair had just expired and it needed a decent amount of repair And if it wasnt for Jamie and Debbie at Minelab I would have had to buy a new machine They covered the cost of a new board and i still have to pay for some other stuff but it really help I have been using minelab for over 20 years and my feelings are they want to help the customers as much as they can Off to a great start in my book

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Just had my annual review with my manager, put me in such a good mood

now task is there which work similar like thread and thread pool class. can you please give me a scenario where people use task class instead of thread and thread pool class ? which one is better ? which one would good for multi threading purpose ? please explain with example if possible.

Why do you say that TDE "implies some CPU overhead"? I thought that TDE encrypts only "data at rest", I mean data within the physical files only. Does it mean that tempdb suffers somehow if TDE is used?

Publish a weird new species of dinosaur. Sit back and let history run its course. It might be bad. It might not

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♪Oh my, feels just like I don"t try, look so good I might die, all I know is everybody loves me.♪

We see lots of movies and TV shows where hackers can infiltrate our lives with just a few keystrokes. But is it real? We’re here to find out. Malicious cat photos, sketchy Wi-Fi networks, rogue rental cars, and all-knowing webcams - those are just a few topics we tackle in our new podcast, Hackable?, where we let our hackers shed light on just how secure we really are.

Let me just say; this week may be the death of me. Too many assignments due way too much on my mind.

So I've been trying to find this story for about a month. I think it was on a03? And very probably gen.

Somewhere in the middle of the fic, Loki reveals to Thor and Warrior’s Three that he was never Thor’s brother (and also possibly reveals that he’s Jotun as well?). Fandral unsheathes a dagger and says something along the lines, “why don’t we fix that?” or “isn’t it time we fixed that?” Thor and Loki take a blood oath to prove their brotherhood and Thor refuses to have the cut magically healed out of sentiment.

Just for the record I wasn’t there - it wasn’t me

I just want to say that Briahna is making things hard in my life. Back me up

Just heard Natalie Grants new song. Wow. What a powerful lyric: Help me want the Healer more than the healing. Help me want the Saviour more than the saving. Help me want the Giver more than the giving. Help me want Jesus more than anything. Great reminder

Hey , just want to tell you that your music is helping me out as fuck and your speeches about suicide make me look forward to life. Thank you very much mate.