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Joey eastenders dating Hydraquip

Those are based on assumptions!! You really have no idea how accurate they are.Even when they use carbon-14 dating and they say it tests billions of years. Carbon-14 could only test in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS at most.

You’re confusing long distance relationship with long distance dating

FUN FACT: Before he was a soap star in "Days of Our Lives", Joey Tribbiani had a cameo in the Van Damme film "Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan" because he was friends with the woman Van Damme was dating at the time.

I seriously think that the next person I end up dating will either be from the gym somehow or from fucking Tinder or some other shit.

Genuine question, exactly what changes are you hoping to see? What are you wanting to see happen as far as people dating trans folks?

Im telling you they"re fucking dating. I want my coffin NOW!!!

How my PRESIDENT fought backb was purely beyond genius - something a stable genius would do - it"s like it USE TO BE dating backing to Lincoln - ONKY CROOKS have things to hide is FOR AMERICA point blank - bypassed the leaks MORE, OF IT IS NEEDED

Do you ever just think to yourself I wish I was dating joey? Cuz same

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Joey eastenders dating Hydraquip