Miner Ultra Adventures DLC Full Playthrough - Hoversurf in the Mess All Stages - Mineirinho Hype! - Duur: 15:13.

Miner Ultra Adventures DLC Full Playthrough - Hoversurf in the Mess All Stages - Mineirinho Hype! - Duur: 15:13.

Французский политик Е. Дрюмон утверждал: Пока люди, занимающиеся социальными науками, не станут изучать еврейство, до тех пор они не сварят ничего, кроме кошачьей похлебки.

США потратили на подготовку государственного переворота в России - 200 миллионов долларов. и Это их люди: Images4/Shillz-oppoz.jpg.Под конец минувшей недели из Вашингтона пришли хорошие новости для российской оппозиции. Администрация Барака Обамы намерена добиться от Конгресса США выделения еще 50 миллионов долларов, чтобы направить их для построения в РФ демократии в понимании США

I"ve been down on my knees ALL morning in Woodseats and not ONE of the poos I"ve sniffed is sweet smelling. Am I in the wrong place?

Stentorian RAM Squonker Box Mod +Giveaway - Duur: 10:12.

to Mingle Well hello :) I'm looking to meet some cool people and see what happens I'm 36 love country music, harrisonburg , Peanut Butter :):) I am not looking to jump into anything serious just looking to socialize and possible more if the chemi.

How do people manage to keep their shoes clean when they"re on a night out?! Mine always look as if I"ve been down the mines way them on

How many shops are there in Meadowhall? I think I"ve been in them all and it"s only 11:15. Number of purchases: 0

My ankle has a huge gash on it? I didn"t notice it before because I"ve been so busy hauling boxes to my new place :I

I"ve been in this game for 5 yrs now. I never got hit by the Gox, Mintpal, Cryptsy, Rush, BTCe, BitFinex, BitStamp, or Poloniex hacks. How?

Are we wasting time, talking on a broken line? I"ve been losing you in a thousand faces. Now it feels like we"re close as strangers.

So you"ve been able to speak to a manager already? I"m sorry if we"re unable to give you anymore info at this time ^AR

I"ve been dieting for at least a week, why am I not 8 stone yet?!

Has there been any updates ? - I"ve been thinking of her all night x

I"ve been awake for 19 hours. And I worked for 14 hrs today. What am I doing at 3am instead of sleeping? Still watching more BTS videos.

I"ve been doing a little redesign with our main website, what do you think?