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Here are some statistics from one of our NetScaler pairs that would benefit from this future release. Note: these statistics are based on both internal and external traffic:

For more information and source code, see the a href=”” Github /a repository.

The GraphLab team introduced many exciting new features for GraphLab Create since its last release, including gradient-boosted trees for regression and classifications, deployment capabilities, hyper-parameter tuning, higher capacity SFrames, access to latent factors of matrix factorization methods and much more.
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Similar to the special Walmart and Best Buy Chase Pay promotions we shared a few weeks ago, you can now get 2,000 Chase points (worth $20 in cash back at a bare minimum) when you spend $20 at eBags and use Chase Pay to check out. Terms and conditions here and here.
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View all 39 photos tagged. 2 days ago - Типичный игрок сборной России по футболу 😂 #gif #lol #play #fun #good #haha #.

Not at all, I tagged the SGs in an attempt to get real TFC fans into the game after the TicketMaster debacle. I"m a Toronto guy myself, and I wanted to offer a fair, secure, no scam way to get tix, hence my personal delivery. No good deed get unpunished I guess.

Schools in two Canadian provinces will not be allowing students to participate in Operation Christmas Child due to the organization’s stance on LGBT issues.

Lolol Facebook made me a “look back on 2017!” video with feel good music it’s literally all posts/photos I’m tagged in about my grandparents’ deaths and their funerals info

I always cringe when I see you"ve tagged me in something on twitter but this one is just good. It"s

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Many restaurants in Beijing and across China have sold out of Taedonggang, a beer produced in Pyongyang, due to sanctions imposed on North Korea by the international community. What do you think? Read more.

Check out the tweet I tagged you in, made a emblem it came out really good

I liked it before I tagged you too good job Kelsey

I tagged a bunch of people! Good luck

The yes-or-no swipe is the de facto way to find matches in dating apps these days, but it has its limits. Do you really want to sift through dozens of people just to find the one or two that share your interests? Even those sites that do offer search.