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Killian Jones, better known as Captain Hook, formerly known as the Dark One, and briefly known.

I had a skinny peppermint mocha got the first draft of my midterm essay back and it wasn"t brutally destroyed ( I actually got some nice s! ) so today is feeling like a pretty good day

@Rondo : You need to force your browser to run using your graphic card instead of your integrated graphics.

Sue me? lol. The fact that you"re upset about it is actually hilarious

Pixel 2 XL is a great phone. No way would I not keep it for that small bezel version.

My time is very valuable. No, you cannot have some of it for free. Lol

That"s the way it"s supposed to work, so that"s good to hear. If you get a presale code in a Verified Ticketmaster presale, what I"ve been told is that means there will be tickets for you.

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Rory O'Neill aka, Panti Bliss, explains the purpose of his taxpayer funded trip to Vietnam recently. Listeners are divided on the value of using celebrities to promote Ireland abroad.


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Anyone on Viva go to this one? There s a question of whether the show was in Laxson Auditorium or Acker Gymnasium. These two say Laxson: and    

This is the typical conservative. Argues using wildly untrue projections, and then clings to that idea as if it were an immutable truth. You should try not being such a piece of shit.

Jews don"t go. Life is hard enough as it is.

All three absolute worst persons r nominated this week; so it doesn"t matter who is evicted;but I wud like Benafsha 2b kicked out, then next Priyank!

Every Thanksgiving with my family is like a reunion. We gather from places all over the East Coast to chow down on a plate of collard greens, turnips, and of course, turkey (don't forget the gravy). Traditionally, my Godfather and his brother have always cooked and served Thanksgiving dinner to the family. And while I love and appreciate the hard work they always put into preparing a huge meal for over 20 people, I used to cringe at how my Godfather and cousin prepped my plate because my food would always touch. READ MORE »

All I"m gonna say is don"t knock the game till you try it. I have ~10 played already and have genuinely enjoyed it. Doesn"t mean I like microtransactions, but I haven"t had an issue.

Even when i know i have money on my card i always mini panic when I’m paying for something. It could be a $3 charge and I’m like *omg is it gunna go through*????