Topics: It seems like all of the actors and actresses from kids shows are now singing?

Emily Jordan Osment (born. She and Musso performed a sketch based on. Emily Osment confirmed through her official Facebook account that she had left her.

The line and your husband wants to be a girl is really something

There is no better arm workout than driving a classic car with no power steering around Los Angeles. Also carrying the weight of a dark secret. Also push ups.

Hello my name is Emily and I am on season three of Game of Thrones and I just listened to my first Beyoncé album today. Please love me despite my clear and obvious neglect of popular culture.

Hey California, when do the locusts get here? Is it after the fire and flood and before the plague? Or between the plague and tornadoes? I don’t remember.

Was gonna tweet talking about how crazy it is that Arie is forcing Krystal to look at his childhood photo albums on their first date but then remembered I made my girlfriend look at my Haley Joel Osment phase childhood pics on our first date.

Bacon is my new national currency apparently. Practical and delicious!

Hollyoaks is too much for me too handle rn when I"m this hormonal

It will nicely complicate any stereotyped assumptions of naive structuralism: this is a work of entropology that begins with Lucretius and ends with a cat"s wink.