Topics: How does KD getting a triple double make you guys feel about him?

Dating sites without registering. No-Scam-Dating is one of them. Find love, date and use winks, instant messenger.

If I"m dating you, it shouldn"t be any niggas is this and that tweets

“He can’t hit on me, he’s a married man” is probably one of the most naive and annoying thing to hear someone u are dating say.

I was all wow why is there a lot of ads for dating websites now? but then I remembered that I"m watching a whole lot of wedding dress shows so mystery solved.

Dating a single mom is great if you smoke weed because she always has snacks at her house.

Ladies, this is why dating men with genuine respect and honour for women is the only motive there is for dating

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Dating a beautiful Dbee Ga Girl is cool until u preg her, ebi there u go think say her parents nor go school before. The Ony3 Sormi will be flying left right center.

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This is actually one of the main things that holds me back from dating outside my race

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