Topics: Alaina Ferguson - Notorious teacher sex scandals.

A former race car driver (Howell) who has retired and is the owner of a Mexican resort hotel gets mixed up in a robbery involving $2 million by one of his former girl friends.

Three young American women have a wild drunken fling south of the border. They find some rough folks to party with at a Mexican mansion, a Mexican jail and the U.S.-Mexican border.

A struggling bar singer takes a job as a phone-sex operator in order to make ends meet. One night she gets a call from a man who tricks her into listening while he murders a prostitute.. See full summary

Just because I"m a teacher, doesn"t mean you should always look up to me.

I know for a fact my teacher think I"m rude I just hate wasting time bullshitting

I enjoy blocking people when they me in an offkey way. They don"t deserve my gems with their attitude, I"m not your private teacher.

My best friend told me I dress like a substitute teacher when I"m at work I"m offended

I"m a teacher. Can"t afford it. Can"t even afford to look at it.

My ag teacher inspired me to be a chapter officer and helped me get to where I"m at today

Still waiting on a citation. And I"m a future teacher, going to Texas State, I"ve never heard this claim. Blessing teachers is not info.

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It"s my Friday, but tonight is meet the teacher night and I"m nervous.

Im BAAAAACCCCKKKKKK!!!! - Duur: 9:38.

Thanks for sharing!! So true for being a great teacher colleague, too. I"m so grateful for our peers who inspire me to be better a teacher!

Good morning pretty teacher Lily and I"m needing help with my work

Y"all. The teacher store is an adult book fair. I"m lit.

Dr Colm Henry, HSE's national clinical adviser for acute hospitals, discusses how thousands of people may need to have their medical tests redone

I"m at a elementary school and some lady asked if I was a teacher :, ) and I was like oh no I"m not , I"m helping out.