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Widower dating has never been easier thanks to this great widowers dating site. Don't miss a chance to meet single widowers in your town today.

Me too! Gidget - another 1960s show I just thought of with a widower father. Nanny the Professor. I"m sure there were more. I"m intrigued!

I thought for YEARS that Thom Yorke was singing I"m a creep, I"m a *widower*. Amazing how the obvious escapes one.

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, My name is I would do anything to make sweet hot loving to you. I"m 54 yrs old widower. Love you

I"m against Rees-Moggs in any circumstance

Blegh I"m too lazy to download a higher quality Widower

Знакомиться с вдовцами ещё никогда не было так просто - и всё это благодаря этому.

Just lost my fiancée in Costco rush hour. Last seen looking for samples. So I guess that means I"m widower now.

I"m so happy for you and for that! LOVE YOU!

Unpopular opinion: I LOVE Star Wars but i"m not really feeling/liking the new trilogy. Am i the only one?