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Six things I can't live without: I can t live without companion ,love ,trust ,loyalty honesty, and sex - Date Joined: 2017-11-02

I'm really good at: some cooking and sometimes make people laugh which is good actually for therapy.Happy people.happy life. - Date Joined: 2017-10-13

Intrigued by a place described to her simply as ‘wilder’, French photographer Claudia Imbert took up residency in Petite-Vallée, on the tip of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, to create theatrical portraits of everyday people Continue reading.

WOW!!!!! Dems number 1 priority is DACA over Our Wonderful Military and Secure of Our Borders. I am ashamed of Our Government that We the American People are always put on the back burner.

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As a 5th gen Texan former active-duty Navy wife, who has lived everywhere from Manhattan to rural southern Spain, I release you. Feel free to leave TX enlist in the fight for Jewish extremism. As for the American military, we"ve been there done that, jackass!

Im an idiot. I am wonderful! Still living the American dream! I hope all is well with you and the family!! u

Can’t imagine how annoying that must be to people raised *and* born in West. I was born and spent early childhood in Pakistan, still, America is home and I am American.

Any idea how we can do this from outside US? I"m an American living abroad and am frustrated by how little I can do from here to fight.

When Canadian Carrol Anne Sceviour and Shirley Walker first met at a conference in Seattle more than 20 years ago, gay marriage was illegal on both sides of the border

America, I want you to know that before I am an American, Im a Beyoncé fan.