Topics: How soon is it acceptable to say I love you?

BEIJING — China won’t come to North Korea’s aid if it launches missiles threatening U.S. soil and there is retaliation, a state-owned newspaper.

Accepting her Cecille B DeMille award at the Golden Globes last year, Meryl Streep extolled the virtues of the press – and was echoed by this year's winner Oprah Winfrey. Now as Streep stars in the latest film about newspapers, David Barnett shouts 'read all about it'

How do you get your music now?

Do you prefer the Shithole House or the White Shithole ?

Do you honestly think that would"ve mattered?

What you think would be a good buying point Choe? Very much appreciate what you do here

How do you put weight on ur face

My God, you do pick your co-presenters.

I think you"re the one who is delusional. What skills do you have that they don"t have, didn"t you learn those skills from the white man education and you"re going there to make him even more richer and powerful so that he exploits your countries. Still blind as ever Negroes.

When you"re just so done with all the Communists, Liberals, homosexuals, Muslims, and black people and you realise you can"t do anything about it

Steven I do not think that you need to be told I think you already know like most of us in the UK THATCHER she used the police like her own storm troopers