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SUPER CUTE!!! Are they dating irl, I think they should

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How are you already dating someone within two months of breaking up with someone after 2 1/2 years of a relationship, thats some shit lmao

off-the-peg clothes (брит.) / off-the-rack clothes (амер.) – готовая одежда
sunday clothes – праздничное платье

to dust a man's coat (for him) – вздуть, поколотить кого-л.
to take off one's coat – приготовиться к драке
to take off one's coat to (the) work – горячо взяться за работу
to turn one's coat – менять свои убеждения, взгляды; переходить на сторону противника

Just because she didn’t block you while you are dating dosent mean you need to ask her to marry you ???

Are those dating back to 1872, or only Logan’s records since 1936?

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