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Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique that ionizes chemical species and sorts the ions based on their mass-to-charge ratio. In simpler terms, a mass.

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BILLERICA, Mass., June 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) announced today it will present at the following conferences:

Chalcolithic gold artefacts assigned to the Bell Beaker Culture in Portuguese Estremadura were analysed by micro-energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. These high-status jewels comprise beads of tubular, spiral and double-conical type, a spiral ring and a wire fragment. The collection is mainly composed of gold with 8.7–16.3 wt% Ag and

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Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique that ionizes chemical species and sorts the ions based on their mass-to-charge ratio. In simpler terms, a mass.


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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of radiation on the content of animal diet constituents using global metabolomics. Aqueous methanolic extracts of control and cobalt-60 irradiated NIH 7001 diets were comprehensively analyzed using nanoLC-MS/MS. Among the over two thousand ions revealed by XCMS followed by data preprocessing, 94 positive and 143 negative metabolite ions had greater than 1.5 fold changes and p-values

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This optical spectrometer measures the size and shape of particles from 100 to 6200 µm in diameter. Instrument Type: Particle imager, SpectrometerOperated By: PIMeasurements: Particle size distributionAircraft: DC-8Instrument Team: Andrew Heymsfield (PI)Aaron Bansemer (PI)

In a variation of the magneto-optical effect, special materials called “topological insulators” (TI) demonstrated the ability to switch the direction of a light wave in clearly defined.

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