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Thanks for your post. Indeed, Jesus had a purpose in all he chose for the purpose of glorifying his Kingdom. I never understood why he didn’t just choose the best of the best. Then, I realized they already had what they needed. Most weren’t willing or ready to give it up for true understanding of who he represented. I am a broken human being that has found His mercy and love amazing.

Thank you so much for posting this!!! You have no idea how inspiring these posts are! You and your family are in my prayers, please continue to do what you do!!

“My worst day today is better than my best day 3 years ago.”
So much wisdom here! Thanks for sharing your story! Peace!

I hate how relatable this is

It is music to my ears when teachers tell students they should know how to spell use grammar. we are 20 you should know how to write sorry

Since tomorrow is , how excited is ?

And that fact is like comparing apples and oranges. How about solving the real issues.

He is an awesome performer. Great stage presence knows how to get the crowd going every time

God, look how happy he is.

And that no one is talking about how there were eyewitness accounts of possible gunmen, and that people need to see the bigger picture

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Maybe I should read What the Dog Saw again without considering of how American-centric it is.

How is the home heated?

I just noticed how fucking strong sakura is her fight against that guy in boruto gave me chills