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The Mycenaean Greek term 𐀀𐀢𐀒𐀺𐀒 , a-pu-ko-wo-ko , possibly meaning "headband makers" or "craftsmen of horse veil", and written in Linear B syllabic script, is also attested since ca. 1300 BC. [5] [6] In ancient Greek the word for veil was καλύπτρα ( kalyptra ; Ionic Greek : καλύπτρη , kalyptrē ; from the verb καλύπτω , kalyptō , "I cover"). [7]

A veil called flammeum was the most prominent feature of the costume worn by the bride at Roman weddings. The veil was a deep yellow color reminiscent of a candle flame. The flammeum also evoked the veil of the Flaminica Dialis, the Roman priestess who could not divorce her husband, the high priest of Jupiter , and thus was seen as a good omen for lifelong fidelity to one man. The Romans apparently thought of the bride as being "clouded over with a veil" and connected the verb nubere (to be married) with nubes , the word for cloud. [9]

Intermixing of populations resulted in a convergence of the cultural practices of Greek, Persian, and Mesopotamian empires and the Semitic peoples of the Middle East. [3] Veiling and seclusion of women appear to have established themselves among Jews and Christians, before spreading to urban Arabs of the upper classes and eventually among the urban masses. [3] In the rural areas it was common to cover the hair, but not the face. [3]

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