Topics: How to connect to a match of Heroes & Generals (Very Basic)

● 50% Credits Earned Whenever you earn credits in the game you earn 50% more than standard members.
● 25% Warfunds Earned Whenever you earn warfunds in the game you earn 25% more than standard members.
● 100% Rank XP Gained Whenever you gain rank experience in battles, you earn 100% more than standard members.
● 25% Ribbon XP Gained Whenever you gain ribbon experience in battles, you earn 25% more than standard members.
● 2X Combat Slots All your characters can wear 2 combat badges at the same time, instead of 1.

Sadly i play this a lot and i missed the give away wean i looked at the 3 day Vet and 500 gold i was like OH YA then i looked up and there were no keys left it was gonna be good to lvl my tanker and pilot sadly it is empty

If installed through Steam it isn’t a “browser” game. It actually isn’t to bad even on a triple monitor setup.

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If it takes longer than ~5 minutes we"d definitely recommend quitting out of matchmaking and retrying.

There"s a big issue with matchmaking and in game performance right now. We are working on an update to fix both of those things. Stay tuned!

Sometimes I stop and ask myself how the matchmaking in Overwatch can be such utter shite.

Matchmaking disabled on fifa and the is down. I wanna watch love island here

My teammate/friend got disconnect from a 3s game and I got banned from matchmaking. He did as well but why me?

Can u also fix matchmaking I"m averaging 7000 pts per game and my teammates are normally 3000-4000 pts behind me, I"m lvl 15 and losing alot

Thank you Valve and Steam community for your support to a developer in a difficult moment. We are humbled and happy, because your help, your caring about historical accuracy, your sharing of the news and your communication to the outside world, resolved the problem.

Thank you again,
The Game-Labs Team

If you have already downloaded and installed Heroes & Generals, but are still receiving the error message below when using Google Chrome, please follow these instructions. 1. Go to the Heroes & Generals installation folder on your hard drive. .

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God sometimes it"s fucking weird playing matchmaking and coming up against people with 4-5 higher ranks than you

I miss being about 12, going on to matchmaking with my mates and getting called every name under the sun by Americans.