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Libra September 2017 HOLY SH**T ! THIS IS GOOD! - Duur: 23:33.

Libra September 2017 HOLY SH**T ! THIS IS GOOD! - Duur: 23:33.

Walter Trout - We're All In This Together (feat. Joe Bonamassa) Rocky Athas - Rocky & Joe's Hail Damage Shuffle - Let My Guitar Do the Talking. With My Friends (2014) John Mayall & Eric Clapton - Blues For The Lost Days (Live) Jimmy D. Lane With Double Trouble - Bleeding Heart Andrew Chapman – That took some balls - Well It's About Time! – 2017 Eric Gales – Freedom from my daemons - Live – 2012

My lil brotha was dating this girl!!! And she blew her breath n his face!! So he broke up with her then fought her shit must have been hot

‘When you leave the cities, you see white power and Nazi symbols. I found swastikas in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas’For years I have been wandering around the desert of the American west, looking for abandoned buildings people have written messages on. It has become a widespread practice. They’re tweets almost: sometimes love and peace – “Bobby loves Mary” – and sometimes hate slogans. There are also a lot of penises.This picture, which I took in southern California earlier this year, turned out to be prescient.
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spotify music file download hack - spotify music catalogue - Duur: 3:48.

Possibly spent 3 months of my life speaking to/casually dating someone for it to go completely tits up. Why can"t I just be happy for once

Back in the ever-ironic 1990s, hipsters suddenly turned on their heartlights for the once-disparaged Neil Diamond. Smarmy Chicago cocktail-rockers Urge Overkill crooned their Pulp Fiction-popularized cover of Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” wearing open-shirted white suits and gold medallion nestled in their chest hair. Heavy Metal Parking Lot underground filmmakers Jeff Krulik and John Heyn released their straight-to-bootleg-VHS sequel, Neil Diamond Parking Lot. Will Ferrell debuted his bizarre Diamond impersonation on SNL..

Me too - - in my dating days if a guy could not cook- it never went far- coz most likely he could not pick up after himself

My Queen is dating Biber

Orpheum Theatre ditches 34-year-old tradition of screening classic film after customers complained A Tennessee theatre has cancelled a long-running screening of Gone With the Wind over complaints that it is racially insensitive.
Officials at the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis have announced the film will not be shown during their summer movie series in 2018. Continue reading.

Авторами сериала являются Марк Гэтисс и Стивен Моффат , известные работой над телесериалами « Доктор Кто » и « Джекилл », а главные роли Шерлока Холмса и доктора Джона Ватсона исполняют Бенедикт Камбербэтч и Мартин Фримен соответственно. Съёмки проходят преимущественно в Лондоне и Кардиффе. Проект получил положительные отзывы в течение трех сезонов и был номинирован на несколько наград. В 2011 году «Шерлок» стал обладателем телевизионной премии BAFTA в категории «Лучший драматический сериал» [4] .

Несмотря на осовременивание героя и истории, некоторые моменты всё же остались неизменными, например, адрес Холмса на улице Бейкер-стрит , его окружение и заклятый враг Мориарти [12] . Джон Ватсон в исполнении Мартина Фримена — военный врач, недавно вернувшийся со службы в Афганистане [13] ; обсуждая создание образа Ватсона, который в оригинале был демобилизован после службы в период второй англо-афганской войны , Гэтисс отметил: «Эта та же самая война, подумал я. Та же непобедимая война» [7] .

Not sure if it"s bc I have a long history of dating assholes, or if it"s bc my bf really is amazing, but this relationship is easy

Nobody makes a stunning alternative movie poster quite like the geniuses at Mondo Hollywood. Related stories 7 Great Modern Heist Scenes, From The Dark Knight to Point Break Anomalisa Original Score Vinyl is an Essential Gift for the Charlie Kaufman Fan in Your Life -- Exclusive Stanley Kubrick Films Ranked, From The Shining to 2001: A Space Odyssey

Meet Easy Life.

UNFD have announced the signing of Shellharbour melodic hardcore crew Easy Life.  

You can check out the band s latest single I m Fading Away below: 

Pretty good right?

Oh my gosh, this is my first time seeing Moesha dating Jermey then Q being on the episode too. SMH, tough.