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Minsk is the nexus for girls with milky white skin. If you like snow-white, she might be living in the capital of Belorussian. I believe it has something to do with climate and historical proximity.

Minsk is neither here nor there. While Moscow was influenced by the Tartars, and Warsaw by the West, Minsk was just an Eastern Slavic fishing settlement on the Svislach and Niamiha rivers under cloudy wintry skies. Historically it toggled back and forth between the Polish-Lithuanian union and the sphere of influence of Russia. It is a Western country in terms of culture with a Cyrillic alphabet and language that is closely connected with Russian.

So if you like pale and pasty girls, even in the summer, not like a Twilight vampire way, but in a good way, that is clear youthful completions and a look of innocence, go to Minsk.

They hang all that on a disbelief of carbon dating.

Dating being to meet or hang out ( go on dates ) with guys until I make a genuine connection with ONE I like.

Our dinners are never romantic! We just hang out as friends and have fun, then head to his place for more fun and I leave in the morn.

Also who wanna hang out like if no one does I wil be bored and then go to sleep then when I"m not dating someone else does she kno

When you know it"s normal for your friends to hang out without you since they"re dating, but you still feel left out

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I"ll follow my husband from room to room. While we were dating, I"d hang out with him at his work. Stereotypical clingy Cancer.

PSA: if you"re dating someone who tells you who you can and can"t talk to or hang with DUMP THEM IMMEDIATELY! Love does not envy

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