Topics: Will dating a feminist earn you good karma?

Shout Outs and Thank You's To Some Of You All!! - Duur: 16:50.

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Pray for the affected people instead of those mocking deaths. Good karma will come to you and bad karma to them

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There was a page good dating karma

Shout Outs and Thank You's To Some Of You All!! - Duur: 16:50.

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Methinks the next few months won"t have such good karma! ( Somehow got Gilgy last month too! )

Lol It is either good karma or bad karma. The same soul travels good or bad places based on its karma. All souls r equal. U stand corrected

Getting Healthy and Ready for the Breeders Cup at Sending Good Karma Your Way

Things have been going so smooth for me its like finally my good karma is kicking in

Tonight Julia Baird is joined by the CEO of NSW Council of Social Service Tracy Howe, former Kevin Rudd advisor and now Director of AlphaBeta Advisors Andrew Charlton & foreign editor at The Australian Greg Sheridan. #TheDrum

~Good karma comin" atcha~ :

Shout Outs and Thank You s To Some Of You All!! - Duur: 16:50.

Only good karma today. Only good karma today.

I better be receiving some good karma for all this bad shit I"ve been dealing with recently