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Kim and Denise later buy the house next door and open a bed and breakfast. Denise talks to Zainab, who helps her move on by destroying memories of Lucas. Denise starts dating Yusef Khan ( Ace Bhatti ), Zainab's former husband, but ends it after realising he is still in love with Zainab. On Christmas Day, Denise opens a present containing a broken toy car and a USB stick with a recording of Phil talking about his part in Kevin's death. Horrified, Denise calls Phil a murderer and tries to get him arrested but fails to do so.

In February 2013, it was reported that Denise would enter a relationship with EastEnders long running character Ian Beale , portrayed by Adam Woodyatt. On the match, Parish said that Denise had "always had a soft spot for Ian", but also commented that "whether they go the distance in the next few months remains to be seen." [24]

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Конструкция be going to относится к часто употребляемым конструкциям английского языка. Конструкция широко используется и в письменной, и тем более в устной речи. Be going to переводится как ‘собираться’. Если рассмотреть конструкцию be going to с точки зрения грамматики, то можно разделить ее на две части:

Как видим, изменяемой частью данной конструкции является глагол to be, а потому, именно благодаря изменению to be , конструкция be going to согласуется с подлежащим и имеет формы настоящего и прошедшего простых времен.

You spend your life sitting in rooms and making decisions, standing on lines, and commuting. Alone in a sea of millions, daily mundane repetition; feeling trapped and without access to your very own desires. Allow me to alleviate that pressure.

Yea, we looked awful past 2 seasons in preseason looking back. Might be a Jay Gruden thing being to basic


Marty Morrissey's appearance at the Basilica in Knock has divided opinion. The Virgin Mary also appeared on the Basilica wall as part of a Paddy Power stunt.

My casual friends have forced me to play 8-ball pool in facebook messenger and I"ll never be bored again.

Когда мы хотим сказать о намерении сделать что-то, то на английский такое предложение надо перевести с помощью конструкции to be going to do smth (собираться сделать что-то). Эту фразу очень часто можно встретить в письменной и устной речи. Давайте разберемся, как ее использовать правильно.

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Donald Trump's whiplash rhetoric. From somber commander-in-chief to angry campaigner, we dissect the president's speeches.

Don"t do military service to protect clowns

Since Alphabet Arena Casual seems to not very popular, We have chose to switch the map to the more popular Washington Arena. Have Fun!

And it is a tv show so you do have to have a look to you to appeal to the casual audience especially if you are trying to bring in more

--if there"s anything on there for us. Noah"s shoulders rolled back into a casual shrug, watching as she used the TV remote to turn the--

With another season of “Game of Thrones” behind us, we’re now only six episodes away from finding out who will finally sit on the Iron Throne and, more importantly, if it will be a vaguely blue ice-corpse. (And consider this fair warning: This is the season finale wrap-up of “Game of Thrones” and.