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How To Get iPhone X - Duur: 1:00.

How To Get iPhone X - Duur: 1:00.

Sounds like the new Star Wars prong bird lol

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Trueee, just it"s not anything new I made!

I kissed all of my girl friends on New Year’s Eve, please someone come light a cross on fire in my yard so I’ll learn my lesson for being SO EFFING GAY.

The new bank teller asked me out but by our date he"d already been fired. He took me to his fave -- Dunkin Donuts. He forgot money. Later he told me he had big lips like a black woman. Do you like my lips, he asked. I said Yes. Then he called me gay and said other racist shit

Do iiiiit. I"ll watch voltron if you watch that. Gained a new husband from it. Look at He finn

Bitcoins Generator - Earn Up To 1 Bitcoin - Duur: 1:49.

Let’s discuss how you like all the shows I like