Topics: Is it illegal in the United States to set up dating profiles on gay dating sites for bigots who use their real name and pictures on the net?

It was so hard to find other gay singles, especially in our area which is kind of a small town. Pride Dating made it really easy to find each other. We've both been on other gay dating sites but this gay dating service is the best. The tools are awesome, you get alerted when anyone views your profile and there is even video chat. Thanks!

At first we both thought that the only lesbian dating sites out there were simply hook up sites. We wanted a real relationship, sue us :) ! We live in San Francisco and while there is a nice community here it's not as easy as you may think to meet and we weren't 'club girls'. Pride Dating made it easy for us and we've been dating since early 2009. Thank you!

We were both looking for something very specific, somebody with a great sense of humor. What we liked about Pride Dating was that it had all kinds of people on it, you could set matches to exactly what you wanted be it looks, religion, race, views on love, etc. We had a lot in common and while Chris was the pursuer, I was a willing pursuee:). We've been together since Jan of 2010!

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Well, the Red ACES walked by singing about how at least their team is based in their own city. Lane United. Their city. Let that sink in.

Sofia Coppola (director,  Lost in Translation ,  The Virgin Suicides ) chats with Chris about all the different aspects of filmmaking, adapting from book to movie and being a mother to two girls. They also talk about how the Coppolas all have a strong artistic gene, how she got Bill Murray to act in Lost in Translation and the making of her new film  The Beguiled !

At time of nation building, a federated system must ve been chosen, United States of India. But Delhi gang was/is/will be in power lust

United India is the only chance it might survive, United States of India it dies a slow death, Small Nations, it will vanish in no time.

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