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Is there anywhere I can find a boyfriend online. or anywhere in a reasonable dating range from 15). Your dating pool is. I’m a 15 year-old gay boy.

On Sunday, a bombshell report by Politico exposed the Obama administration for placing the investigation into Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking on hold so that it could ensure its Iran nuclear deal would successfully proceed. Because of this, thousands of tons of cocaine was sent to the U.S., creating millions of dollars of revenue for Hezbollah. According to the report, the Obama […] The post GOP Congressman Sends Letter Demanding Investigation of Obama Admin and Hezbollah appeared first on True Pundit.

So you are for worsening the income inequality gap where the rich share less of a burden then any time since before the Depression? You are okay with worsening the pay gay where a CEO makes more in 5-10 min, then one of his employees makes all year?

Hell yeah. The hate for the Pistons was strong as a 10 year old. Forgot Isaiah was callin magic gay back then. Crazy they both have gay sons

At least the Ravens found respectability again or else this would’ve been a disastrous year for my fandom.

On today"s show, we"ll take a look back at the year in media malfeasance. And in the mailbag: What should Christians teach their kids about gay and transgender relatives? Plus lots more.

Would be Stoney but idk if it came out this year