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Earn $1000 Card - (100% Working) - Duur: 1:49.

I have heard HORROR stories from that POF app. Stop using these sick ass dating apps.

Winter is here!! That means snow, Christmas gifts, peppermint lattes and your end of year financial checklist! Here are some things you should consider as the year comes to a close… Try to maximize your 401(k) or get as close as possible! The benefit of working for a company with a 401(k) is the opportunity […]

Deleting all my dating apps as self care

Lol. That’s cute that you think married men are not on other dating apps

Back to when we were Speed Dating the Apps.

My Instagram ads are always for dating apps, does my activity scream single?

An excerpt from Yukari Iwatani Kane’s “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs” published by Re/code reveals more details about the events that preceded Apple’s decision to sue Samsung. Apparently, Apple was initially not so eager to sue Samsung, trying to settle the matter out of court, in order to preserve [.]

This collection of images show the hilarity of an incorrect translation. My wife and I laughed so hard there was physical pain invol;ved.  I am certain I was a few steps away from a heart attack I was laughing so hard. This one is my favorite of all.  I want this on my front lawn.  […]

I would have done a double-take but it was via online dating apps, so I guess it had to be me.

Nicole Perlman was the first woman to get a writing credit on a Marvel Studios movie, last year's Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, she's taking on a more earthly challenge: Writing her first comic book.

I feel your pain. Dating apps can produce some weird shit.

When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, the decision for most people often comes down to Samsung versus Apple. To help you decide, here are nine things Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 does better than Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Produced by Will Wei Follow BI Video: On Facebook
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