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Looking for a free card you can send to friends and family online? There s a lot of websites out there that offer great free personalized greetings with quality graphics that you can send to friends and family via email for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, and just to brighten up someone s day.

Rattlebox offers a lot more than the typical greeting you might see on most sites—it s all video here. Simply select a video you like, personalize it, and send.

If you re looking for an irreverent, hilarious, and sometimes off-color greeting to send to someone, then someecards is your best bet. These are hilariously inappropriate cards that you can send for pretty much any occasion—also great for sharing on social media sites. 

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You wanna say that my Twitter page is harassment. Funny. Guess your moms page, your sisters page, and the three fucking websites you have me on is HARASSMENT right?

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Funny that govt media quickly removed the fake photos from their websites after pro Al-Shabab media exposed them online