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I'm a guy freshman.and theres this girl(she the junior)We flirt with each other,I think im gonna ask her to the movies this friday..but I think she'll.

It"s cute as a freshman or sophomore to be undecided but it turns out as an incoming junior it is not cute. Or adorable. Or acceptable

If your child didn"t drink alcohol from November their freshman year to November their junior year and in their sophomore year they had -

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First day on a new campus, don"t know where shit is, people asking me if I"m a freshman when I"m a junior

Freshman is 9th, sophomore is 10th, junior is 11th and senior is 12th?

I"m a junior looking like a freshman

Senior dating freshman guys memes funny relationships single ladies wanting meningitis bacteriana epidemiologia clinica. mooner, qeleli, qianyuqianxun, Yahoo.

I"m a junior and I"ve been crushing on my best friend since I was a freshman. I want to make a move but idk if they feel the same.-SU

One"s a freshman and the other is a junior. WHERE has the time gone

Friendly reminder prereqs aren"t real I got to like junior year having failed a course freshman year

You know time is going by dumb fast when you"re entering your junior year you still remember the first day of freshman sophomore year

I"m a fucking junior People still assume I"m a freshman. I really hope I age 3 years this year bc I really wanna look my age senior year