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The Creator has decreed that no longer may the peak of the dark forces use its free will to hold captive the free will of any other soul!

Zoolander believes in free expression yet forces bill103 on us? Is that intellectual dissonance or doublespeak? I"m confused.

Our friend @Mik_Scarlet has made a wonderful video dispelling the myths about sex and disability , it is well worth a look!

It contains content of a sexual nature and therefore isnt suitable for younger members.

Tackling myths such as:
“Disabled people don’t want or need sex.”
“Disabled people can’t have sex.”
“Isn’t it wrong for disabled people to have children as they will pass on their disability to their kids?” 
“Disabled people have to pay to have sex.”

Take a look now  and let us know what you think.

В период с 25 декабря по 15 февраля будет проходить акция по розыгрышу 1 миллиона долларов,
что стать кандидатом на получение данной суммы игрокам необходимо сделать на период
с 25 декабря 2016 года по 10 февраля 2017 года ставки в любой из игр не менее 2000 долларов,
а победитель будет определен 16 февраля.
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Недвижимость на Лазурном берегу Франции и в Монако.
Виллы и апартаменты в аренду и на продажу.
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NFL players are not employees. They have contracts. And a contract that forces one side to fake pride in country, violates free speech.

Its Surrey Armed Forces Drop In at Woking FC between 1000-1300 Its Fun and its Free - every Veteran is welcome. Guest speaker-John Keegan

Which Agency are you most looking forward to? DEVGRU , SOCOM , Special Forces , NASA , or other, Feel free to leave suggestions. makes online dating easy and fun. it's free to search, flirt, read and respond to all emails! we offer lots of fun tools to help you find and communicate with singles in your area.

( completely forces my way into a place that i dont belong so that i can obtain free food )

Sean, we are getting a lot of email from troops overseas protesting American Forces Network airing NFL games.