Topics: Girl turns away kiss on first date?

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A few weeks back, I met a gentleman at church named Tim. Tim and his wife had been married many years (I can’t remember exactly, but it was at least 30) and weathered many trials through their marriage (cancer included).

Naturally I asked him what the secret was as I usually do when I meet someone with an epic marriage. “How have they stuck together through everything?”  I asked him this knowing that we shared our faith and reliance on Jesus Christ.

The Titanic diva has been reborn as a full-blown style icon. In her weekly advice column, our style expert asks why the tabloids have decided she has lost her mind. Plus, shocking pink and black is a great look for an MPSo apparently Celine Dion is now a fashion icon. What?Josh, by email Continue reading.

Big news broke last week that could change the future of closed loop technology.OK, it's tempting to refer to this as "Bigfoot" news. as in Bigfoot Biomedical, the closed loop (aka Artificial Pancreas system) startup based in Milpitas, CA, led.

Experiment? I don"t mind, as long as it"s with you. He teased before giving Yoosung a kiss on the cheek.

Holy shit. They are not even pretending anymore. Folks kiss our democracy good bye. Stick a fork in us. It was a good experiment.

I"m religiously listening to kiss but obviously didn"t realise you had of a Sunday

Gotcha, I just wasn"t really exposed to drugs at all until college and even then I didn"t really experiment so I was thrown off

Hey Babe, Hey Cole Porter - Duur: 3:14.