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If you have recently uploaded your dating profile on we kindly request you to upload it again. This is needed because our dating platform is no longer managed by

Kevin Carr speaks life in his “Dating is Dead”

Males please understand the difference in Dating a Latina and just Experiencing what it"s like to be with a Latina bc that shit matters!

These guys have the worst memories. They never recall meetings, dating people. Somebody needs to check the water in AL.

Come join our discussion on dating violence this Friday at 12 PM at UMD in the bio-psyc building, room 1140a

I have to agree. I"m engaged to a male and I"m born female ( I"m genderfluid ) and I"m also bi and while I haven"t got any conflict on who I"m dating in the LGBT community I still feel out of place

And jake cheated on her repeatedly WHILE SHE WAS IN THE HOUSE. and got away with it by telling her they weren"t dating. So if they weren"t dating in his books. How did she cheat?