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As you may recall, the CW hit made waves on Sept. 19, 2007, following the popularity of the book series written Cecily von Ziegesar , quickly catapulting Blake Lively , Leighton Meester , Ed Westwick , Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley to fame.

In honor of the major anniversary, Vanity Fair caught up with the cast and crew including creators Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz as well as writer Joshua Safran who revealed some surprising facts not even the show's biggest fans may have known about.

1. It Was Inspired After The O.C. 's Success: Schwartz and Savage were also the creators and showrunners of The O.C. They were looking for something just as exciting to execute after the show's end, and Gossip Girl was just the way to do it.

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May 1945. V.E. Day. England celebrates victory. Cloistered away in Buckingham Palace are young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, who would do anything to join the biggest party London has ever seen. CAST: Emily Watson.

The Resistance Strikes Back [Dec. 9th, 2017| 10:45 am ] yakov_a_jerkov Посетители трамповского rally во Флориде

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Get out and vote for Roy Moore.

-- President Trump

No shit! [Nov. 26th, 2017| 09:54 pm ] yakov_a_jerkov Редкое утверждение, с которым могут с энтузиазмом согласиться как сторонники, так и противники Трампа.

GOP senator: Trump s moral authority isn t compromised by backing Roy Moore

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As pretty much every comics reader who isn’t living under under a rock knows by now, perennial Marvel writer has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics as announced early last November.  After a recent health scare that he revealed via Twitter, Bendis is back home in recovery and appears to be in good spirits […]

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