Topics: Workplace Ethics Advice

SoLuTiOn ETH 316 WEEK 2 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace - Duur: 0:20.

I propose to focus on 1. Educating mothers about kids protection 2. Awareness on grass-root level ( mohalla/village ) 3. Appropriate legislation to protect kids 4. Develop ethics for media and internet control 5. Invest in human resource and eradicate corruption

We have some real sh*t holes in USA too! What"s the common denominator? Lack of Capitalism? Lack of hard working Christian ethics?

PCSUPT BIAY: Let us make everyday, an Ethics day in his speech during EPD Values Formation and Moral Recovery Seminar

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This is why I cried the day he was elected.We all knew then that he was vile.This is why so many mourn for what was once a great country.This is why this Canadian refuses to travel and spend my $ in the U.S. until this ass is OUT!GOP ethicsImpeachNow

How To Get $1000 Codes? - Duur: 1:21.

I’ve never had enough to judge his personality or ethics or whatever. So he comes up with a few gift cards and he’s trying to purchase them, like $50 or whatever but there’s tax so obviously there’s change involved in the purchase.

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SoLuTiOn ETH 316 WEEK 2 Cultural Diversity in the Workplace - Duur: 0:20.

Dude, once again, you’re proving my point. God’s Ethics reigns supreme. Yes, before God have Moses the law it was still wrong because His ethics still stood. With that in mind, should the country be governed by biblical principals?