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Episode 769 Speed Dating For Economists WOSU Radio

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Watching an episode of Law and Order SVU and Logan Paul is in it. He’s a little fucker in the show too

I want to watch the new DBS episode

The episode Shut up and Dance of black mirror makes me want to cover up all cameras I come in contact with.

Ahh this entire episode is a precursor to White Christmas. I hated the premise of that episode. Playing with mental states and eternity is the definition of living hell.

В гостях у “Радионяни” актер Георгий Вицин, он прочитает рассказ Ильи Дворкина “Народный умелец”. В рубрике “Ай-яй-яй” вас ждет песня “Сказка про лентяя”. У микрофона “Радионяни” писатель Вольф Суслов. А на “Веселом уроке” вас ждет практические занятия по ботанике, прозвучит песня “Ботаника”.


Представляем вам список песен Dj Nikita Noskow к прослушиванию, ваша песня Dj Nikita Noskow - Speed Up (Radio Edit) первая в списке и уже проигрывается в плеере.

Some more good pics of Ampers for the episode!

sdes found Episode 769 Speed Dating For Economists WOSU Radio

Episode 769 Speed Dating For Economists WOSU Radio

I just found out that one of my aunts/cousins friend was an extra on the episode and I"m trying to contain myself rn I rlly am

Oh hay that episode of SVU is on where Logan Paul gets shot for being an asshole/rapist/kidnapper. Neato!