Topics: Grace Street Church of God - Apopka Florida - Pentecostal.

Clayton Jennings is no stranger to the pulpit of First Grace Church in Dayton Ohio. Jennings appeared at First Grace last October at an event known as “Jesus Fest”. This Sunday, Father’s Day, the traveling preacher will appear at First Grace Church of Dayton  for what is being advertised as “Man Up Sunday”.  Given what has transpired between Jennings’ October appearance and the present time, First Grace’s invitation to Jennings is simply baffling.

This young woman never got the chance to become “Mrs. Jennings.”   After spending the night with Clayton she was encouraged by him to a morning after pill; she was soon shut out of his life altogether.

Not long after this incident became public knowledge Jennings’ license to preach was revoked by his local (and former) church.   Despite this reality, Jennings has been invited by First Grace Church to preaching about “manning up” at its Father’s Day Church service.  Expected to appear alongside Clayton at First Grace is Christian rapper Blake Whiteley. 

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