Topics: Can someone explain the zodiac sign Sagittarius? I'm a Sagittarius but I only know a few things?

While it may be difficult for us to commit to a relationship at first due to our love for freedom, when we do, we give it our all.

Because Sagittarians are naturally curious wanderers, they are constantly going on excursions and adventures to explore everything life has to offer.

When dating a Sag, you will find yourself always trying new things and enjoying the world around you, as there is never a dull moment.

I wouldn’t mind dating a Sagittarius because we both need our space ( in different ways though )

Y’all be on here like y’all don’t date ppl b/c of their signs hell yeah I’m done dating ppl i ain’t pose to be with so if your not a libra Aries Sagittarius and maybe Aquarius stay out my DMs lol

A 74-year-old Japanese fugitive wanted in connection to a 15-year-old murder is arrested in Thailand after photos of his distinctive tattoos are posted to Facebook, finally revealing his whereabouts.

Sagittarius and Dragon"s fate ( ? ) indicates a single life for 2018 so I"m really sorry because I know this twitter account will flood you with lots of kpop related dating scandals since it is my only source of hype for this year lol.

Never dating a Sagittarius. They are controlling, manipulative and flippin’ annoying.

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The only signs I"m interested in dating are Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces and Sagittarius. All the others are irrelevant this year.

You"re a Sag, too? Omg. No. That"s even worse. I"m a Sag. Ever since I was a kid, I"ve always got dragged around by Sag men. NEVER ended up anywhere. In fact, I"m currently dating one right now. He"s totally committment-phobic. Just depends if it bothers ya or not.

Am I the only one on twitter dating a Sagittarius? Because y’all always coming for my nigga neck and I don’t appreciate it

I can’t stand a Gemini or Sagittarius lol I always find myself dating a Sag that’s terrible

And you Frances, are dating a light skin Sagittarius male, so i don’t wanna hear it.