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This blog deals with political and social issues in South Africa, mostly from the perspective of Constitutional Law. Written by Pierre de Vos

A 27-year-old man presented to our hospital's emergency department (ED) with an abnormal gait, paresthesias of the lower extremities, and lower back pain that had progressed over 2 weeks. He reported no medical history and a family history notable only for poor folic acid absorption in his father (etiology unknown).

Is it wrong to call someone beautiful/ pretty even if they are a dating someone and you don"t mean it sexually

Yes I mean to clarify the original post is about acting on desire i.e. dating.

Bahar (1951) | Karan Dewan | Vyjayanthimala | Pran - Duur: 2:36:51.

This story looks at some of the trends and challenges associated with e-commerce today, and strategies for dealing with those challenges, through the eyes of one small retailer, one medium-sized and one large.

- by how my dad reacted when he found out I"m dating Kai, do you blame him for wanting to get me out of there? I mean, this isn"t me -

Let’s end the summer on a happy note. A Quick Store Note! I'm taking a little summer break next week, so the warehouse is temporarily closing on Saturday, 9/2 at noon eastern. Shipping will resume the 10th and then I'm here allllll the way through next January. (Comics will run as normal.) If you need anything next week, please grab it now! I'm planning to do a week of preorders for another popular out-of-print shirt due for a reprint starting Monday. (You're gonna like it!)

I think it"s fucking nasty when an egirl and an eboy are suddenly dating two days later. ONLINE I mean xD

I don"t mean to be rude I love your style but since your dating a black man professing affirmative action shows a personal bias you nvr had

Something I learned from accidentally dating a 41 year old man, age don"t mean shit. There are grown ass men who still play games.

I mean just dating you"re in love with but still seeing other people and that person is seeing other people too. Is it possible to be poly