With Renowned Psychotherapist & Bestselling Author of Deeper Dating Ken Page, LCSW

Had a dream that I was dating j.lo and of course I had to wake up

A majority of President Trump's supporters (62%) can't think of anything Trump has done that they're unhappy with, according to a Pew Research poll .

  • Of the supporters who have been disappointed in the president 26% are unhappy with his style and 14% disapprove of his social media use and "unprofessional behavior."
The other side: Of the majority of Americans who disapprove of the president's job performance, 84% say they can't think of anything Trump has done that they're happy with.

That I"m a huge ass fucking nerd when around my friends. So like the third week of us dating she"s like Wanna hang out? And of course I say No I can"t. I"m hanging with the guys. She asks Wrud and before I can even think about it I say I"m playing DND with the guys

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With Renowned Psychotherapist & Bestselling Author of Deeper Dating Ken Page, LCSW

Arizona Rep. Trent Franks allegedly made unwanted advances toward female staffers in his office and retaliated against one who rebuffed him, according to House GOP sources with knowledge of a complaint against him. The allegations, which reached Speaker Paul Ryan and top GOP leaders in recent days, led to Franks’ sudden resignation this week. Franks […]

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Im not meeting this guy tonight. Of course not. Because a ) i havent been drinking for a long time b ) i am only dating men in the future who im really interested in c ) i am going to work tonight and watch movies.

Regarding Moore, I would be happy to see him testifying under oath and have any tests done he wants. Of course, the 14-year-old wasn"t the only accuser and his defenders are often defending 30-somethings dating 16-year-olds.

Of course this means pizza=dating. e.g. I Kissed Pizza Goodbye

Good thing of dating a boy two years older than me is we have the same taste of music ( not Lana Del Rey of course ).

Really? The man admitted to dating teens when he was 30. If you have to ask her parents for permission she"s too young. Unless, of course, you live in the middle east. Maybe his goal is to turn the U.S. into Christian Saudi Arabia.

Of course she can"t. She"s actively pandering to the frothy let"s get dem Ess-Jay-Dubba-Use mob that attacks first and asks questions NEVER. The same one the little puke she"s dating has pandered to from Day One.