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Over the past few years, I’ve written many times about the importance of boundaries , the personal electric fence that will all need that sets limits not only for others and how they treat you, but also for ourselves with what we’ll put up with. I work hard to push the message home because particularly with women and speaking from personal experience, we don’t always live and love with our self-esteem in tow, which then causes our confidence to be dented further as well as eroding our perceived value and not having us believing that we’re worthwhile.

Recently while talking with a number of women, i became somewhat fascinated by what they all perceived to be ‘deal breakers’, which is really about a characteristic or behaviour that has you declaring that it’s time fold and opt out. Why so fascinating?

Some people don’t have deal breakers. They could literally be treated every which way and somehow they’d find their way back to the relationship boardroom trying to hold together the ‘deal’ somehow.

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What"s sick is dating someone with the same name as your ex, is this a deal breaker y"all

So, in conclusion, I hate my roommate and can"t do anything about it but I"m dating an awesome girl so I"ll just deal till I cant anymore

16. If your parent don"t like the person u are dating, is that a deal breaker?

Can You Answer:What is a red flag ( s ) in a S/O or dating prospect? Deal breakers?

You"re not going ro a dating site and pretend to be a woman because you don"t want to experience what women deal with. It"s easier 2 assume.

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The worse thing about dating outside my race is that my bf doesn’t understand how big of a deal walking in rain is. ?

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