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Dilbert: Lately, every person I deal with seems to disappoint me. Every meeting starts late, every answer is misleading, every deadline is ignored and all work is.

Bitches try to bite my style but my style a jalapeño.

Sher Dee"s only a minger like, onto bigger and better things from here :L hahaha

Dee- what a sweet note that is totally deserved. You are one of a kind!

You ever hear a song so good you feel like like you’re in love, not with a person but just in love

Holy god won a game of squads with my mouse fucked and having 14 kills feelsgoodman

I’m a Libra I disagree watseba

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If you had a Chanel bag, would you fill it with sweet wrappers, a squashed chewing gum and a handful of dirty tissues.. online dating and lots more.

He"s not a nazi; he wants to wipe out the Jews in a CAPITALIST way is such a strange goddamn argument.

All you need is a MAGA hat and a trailer.