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DEAR AMY: I've been divorced for four years. My daughter chose to stay with me. Her friends and her school were here; she is also closer to me than her mother.

I have a person on my friend"s list that posts regular updates of their progress in dating sims from Steam. This was not what Gabe Newell envisioned

“I know I you tried to warn me about how terrible it was but I thought that was all a conspiracy of single people to not make us coupled people feel bad. The conspiracy wasn’t true. It’s aweful. It’s not the fun I thought it was.” -my newly single friend on online dating

free online video dating site rules

Lol if your gonna stop talkin to me because i am dating someone that makes me happy you can kindly go fuck yourself, you aint much of a friend if you only wanna be arpund when i was miserable

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