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I got my tickets to the Cleveland show, so please be there! Love seeing your journey, from being a fan as a kid to watching you now- mother, wife, boss! Love it

I do not do projects. I"ll send you back to your mama so she can fix you.

You can"t do everything AND be the boss your business needs!

Lmaooo that"s 1 your boss corny for that lmaoooooo

People will take adavantage of you at YOUR own allowance. Boss tf up and be stern about ya NO’s or u will forever be walked all over. Ya welcome

It"s nice to return to work and have your boss tell you it was kind of a struggle when you were out. I was worried they were going to realize they don"t really need me.

Are you absolutely kidding me? Trust me Trump is not intimidated by anyone unlike your former boss.

The laws already exist. These victims chose to stay silent. I had a boss FIRED back in "97 for sexual harassment. I went to mgmt, I had witnesses they wrote letters, I threatened legal action. THAT is when your voice needs to be heard. Not in the streets w/ a big stupid sign.

Danielson! I explained to you the difference! NOT a pyramid scheme if you’re able to create more revenue than your boss by working harder!